About us

Ukrainian Montessori Teacher’s Association started its activities 20 years ago for the purpose of popularize the pedagogical system of Maria Montessori in Ukraine and provide  wide-ranged assistance to implement the Montessori Method in the work of educational institutions of our country. At present time, the Association unites Montessori schools, kindergartens and educational sites, which operate according to the Method of Montessori. It became a strong and talented community of Montessori teachers, parents and all those, who are deeply interested in Montessori pedagogy and work in order that Montessori pedagogy undoubtedly takes its prominent place in the Ukrainian system of education.

Join us! Become members of the Association, get access to professional information content and participate in international, ukrainian and regional conferences! We will provide you with the information where to get professional training for teachers and administrators and show the ways how to improve your professional skills!  We invite you to participate in ours educational seminars and trainings.

What we are doing

A priority guideline of the Association consists in development, implementation and compliance of the standards of quality Montessori education by all members.

Constantly growing number of Montessori schools and kindergartens in our country inspired us to set high professional standards of the quality Montessori education. We are going to provide official recognition to those that meet them. We used the experience of the world-known associations, such as AMS and AMI. Together with our international partners, with the permission and support of the American Montessori Society, we set UKRAINIAN STANDARDS. At the same time, we worked with the Ukrainian educators to avoid any conflict in the sphere of pre-school education in our country. 

Observance and compliance with high professional standards is the way to official recognition of the educational institution’s activity which work according to the Montessori Method. The Association supports educators with professional development, provides parents with information about Montessori education, including directory of Montessori schools-members of the Association, organizes conferences, publishes informative materials and creates all conditions for professional communication among Montessorians.

World-class speakers participate in our annual conferences and a wide variety of professional workshops are suggested to the participants. Any member of the Association or those who have not acquired membership in it, may attend our conferences.

Members of Association

Members of the Association can be natural persons (citizens of Ukraine and other countries, who reached 18-years old) and legal persons (Montessori schools, kindergartens, educational sites, training programs and centers). They are engaged in its activities with the aim to promote the Method and meet the quality Standards of Montessori education in Ukraine, participate in all Association’s activities, make suggestions how to improve its work, have a voice in decision-making.